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Chair Rail and Picture Moulding

Chair Rail was originally developed to protect the old-time lath and plaster walls from abuse when mounted approximately 36 inches above the floor.  In addition, chair rail breaks up the monotony of a large flat wall, and can be used to separate two types of decorative materials such as wall covering and paint.  Ranging in size from small and delicate to the large and massive, chair rail can be incorporated into many designs.

Picture moulding was developed to afford a secure mounting for framed paintings and photographs.  The moulding was mounted anywhere from twelve inches to eighteen inches from the ceiling and the pictures were hung by wires from the moulding. Picture moulding, like chair moulding, was also effective in dividing up wall space, often incorporating the use of an elaborate wall paper design above the moulding.  The molding is also very striking when dentilated.  We invite you to develop a dentilated design we can add to this pattern book

Just a few sample ideas from our pattern book
Remember we can match ANY profile

* Profiles not shown in actual dimensions

Chair rail, Picture rail, Dish moulding designed to display plates in a vertical position against the wall
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