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Custom Redwood Gutter by Blue Ox Millworks

Nothing beats Redwood Gutter, it will last 80-100 years or more! To our knowledge, we are the only wooden gutter manufacturers in the United States today, able to custom match patterns for redwood gutter. All of our wood gutters are milled out of the very best clear, all heart redwood.  Our moulding shop contains three four-sided moulder machines and the world's largest collection of moulding knives, so we can custom match any design that you could possibly produce.

(At Right):  6 inch by 6 inch redwood gutter milled for a job in Hawaii. Hawaiian rains require some of the largest gutter troughs in the world.

Custom 6x6 Redwood Gutter

Designed to fit your needs

We can custom match any pattern or help design a unique gutter that will fit with your needs.  To the left you will see a sample of a few of the many wood gutter patterns we have produced.  Please note: These are only samples, we produce gutter to match any pattern. Different patterns are preferred in different climates. Deep troughs should be used in very rainy climates, in climates that often freeze the trough's outward slope should be very gradual to prevent cracking. For more information, email Eric Hollenbeck at

(At left) Just a small sample of the hundreds of gutters that we have run in our molder shop over the years. Blue Ox has the worlds largest collection of molder knives, so the shape of your gutters is limited only by your imagination.

Installation and Care

Blue Ox can also provide you with directions for installation & care of your redwood gutters. It is very important that the instructions be carried out properly.   It is recommended to allow the wood gutters to sit for two to four weeks prior to installation, as the lumber is green when milled.  This allows it to stabilize to it's new environment.

Click here for information about installation and care of redwood gutters.

(At right): Eric Hollenbeck stands at the end of one of Blue Ox's block head moulders.

Eric Hollenbeck stands by his moulder
The Blue Ox crew always have our minds in the gutter!

Wood Gutters Continued...

Though redwood is certainly the preferred medium because of its resistance to water and rot, custom gutters can also be made from other water resistant woods. Cedar and pine have both been used across the nation as redwood substitutes and other locally native trees may be available as well. If you would prefer an alternative wood, talk to owners of authentic Victorian homes to find out what kinds of woods were used in your area.

(At left): A pile of gutter awaits a few finishing touches in the Moulder shop.

Whatever your wood gutter needs, Blue Ox Millworks is here to help. For more information or to get a quote, call Eric at (707)444-3437 or send us an email at

(At right): Curved redwood gutter for the Noyes Mansion in Napa Valley. Click here to view pictures of this recent job.

Custom Curved Wood Gutters

This lighthouse loved our gutters.  Your home will too.


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