Blue Ox Millworks, Historic Park, and School of Traditional Arts

Photo: Portero Hill Home - San Francisco, CA
Blue Ox Provided: Balustrades, Moldings, Doors, Gingerbread


Blue Ox History

Blue Ox History

From its humble roots as a salvage logging company to the founding of its own radio station, read the history of the Blue Ox Millworks and its many community projects.

Evolution of an American Dream

Media Gallery

Over the decades, Blue Ox has received a lot of national media attention with over 35 magazine articles and 7 television programs. View digital copies of selected magazine articles here.

About Blue Ox Millworks

Blue Ox is a fully functioning Victorian job shop which produces custom architectural millwork, as well as interior and exterior details for historic homes and new construction projects around the United States. But it's more than that. Blue Ox is a school, a historic park, and a haven for craftsmen.

Blue Ox is the product of nearly four decades of work from master craftsman Eric Hollenbeck and his wife Viviana. It is a place where craftsmanship techniques of the last century are preserved and quality takes precedence over mass production. It's also a place where community comes together and lives are changed in positive ways. For this, and other reasons, Blue Ox was honored by a resolution before the California legislature.


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Victorian-inspired new construction on Portero Hill in San Francisco