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Photo: (Interior) Leland Stanford Mansion - Sacramento, CA
Blue Ox Provided: Doors, Interior Trim, Curved Molding



Master craftsman Eric Hollenbeck

Have a Craftsmanship Question? Ask Eric Hollenbeck

If you have a question about Victorian architecture or millwork, put our resident craftsman historian to work for you. Eric Hollenbeck has been working in the custom millwork trade for nearly four decades. More importantly he collects historic manuals, sketches, diagrams, and recipes from craftsmen throughout the last several centuries. He is a regular advisor for historic parks around the nation and his restoration tips have been used on governor's mansions, cathedrals, and a variety of historic landmarks. If your local library doesn't have the answer there's a good chance that Eric Hollenbeck does.

Whether your question is about paint colors, wood gutters, or 19th century insulation, if Eric doesn't know the answer, he generally can at least put you in contact with the people who do.

Email your questions to Eric Hollenbeck here. He tries to answer most questions on at least a semi- weekly basis, though times vary depending upon the number of jobs in the shop.

• If only 10% of the original redwood is left, how can you use redwood
   to make your products?
• Can finish be refreshed without stripping?
• Can old wood windows be made energy efficient?

• How do you rate moss vinyl clad windows?

• How do you repair leaking joints on redwood gutters?

• Where can I get templates for fancy gingerbread brackets and spandrels?

• Can pocket doors be rehung without tearing apart the woodwork?

• What is the correct width for Victorian siding?

• How do I join a PVC gutter to a wooden gutter?

• Can you help me find information about these tools?
• Can you give me information about oxen-pulled wagons?
• Can I preserve an antique gable decoration?
• What sort of molding can spruce up plain doors?
• Can you name the block pattern for trim in our 1893 Queen Anne?
• What information do you need to provide a quotation for custom corbels?
• What saw is best for cutting out wood brackets and gable decor work?
• Where can I get replacement blades for a Number 7 style scroll saw?
• Is this staircase authentic Victorian style?

• How were original hardwood floors cut so thin?
• How do you reproduce the glossy black of Victorian doorframes?
• How can you get tempered glass without the unsightly etching?
• Do Victorian corner blocks exist for crown moldings?
• Who can I get to harvest a redwood tree near my house?
• How should the railing look on a widows walk?
• How do I fix a gutter end cap when it butts up against crown molding?
• Do balusters have to be installed with the thick side down?
• Was redwood bark ever used as a form of home insulation?
• What is the glass inside a door called?
• Do you have any experience using hemp or cork for insulation?
• Could you give me information to help restore an antique trunk?
• How I do I preserve the castle look of my classic house?
• Do you have any tips on making a Redwood stile & rail door?
• Should I use a heat gun as a paint removal method on redwood?
• Have you ever seen corner blocks on arched doors or windows?
• Can you help me remove medieval doors?
• Do your installation guidelines apply to Douglas Fir?

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Leland Stanford Mansion interior - Sacramento, CA