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Summer Workshops From Blue Ox Village

Welcome to Blue Ox Historic Village's first summer class schedule! We're excited to have such talented instructors as Crystal Estelle Dobbs and Dave Badzik on our team this year.

Color, texture and fiber have been themes of Crystal's since 1975. Owner of CE Designs, she applies her love of textiles as an independent Fiber Art Consultant and at Blue Ox Historic Village as the fiber arts teacher for our high school program. As a spinner, weaver, dyer, knitter, and designer, we're honored to have such a talented and experienced teacher on board for all of our fiber arts classes this summer!

Dave Badzik was exposed to construction at the age of 7 and by the age of 9 began working with wood to make useful products. Presently a licensed General Contractor, he has always had a passion for 17th century joinery and preserving the old arts of working with hand tools. Dave's reproductions of antique furniture designs are absolutely stunning: we're privileged to have him with us as he contemplates retirement and begins devoting himself full-time to his passion for woodworking with hand tools.

Please call us at (707)444-3437 to ask questions and enroll, or email us at

Summer 2016 Workshop Schedule

Coloring Wool the Natural Dyeing Way
July 11 - July 15 (9:00 AM - Noon)

Color and Wool go hand in hand--once raw wool and spun yarn have color added to them--the sky's the limit for creating many wonderful textiles! Learn to use safe, non-toxic mordants to get more than one color from a plant, use plants you can grow in your garden, then discover how to use heat to transfer color from plant to wool. Safety is always important and will be emphasized as we'll be handling hot pots of liquid and heating on a wood cook stove. The raw wool and yarn can be used for follow up spinning and weaving classes offered by Crystal.

Tuition: $150 ($10 discount if you sign up for multiple classes)
Materials Fee: $30


Natural Dyed Yarns
Leaf and Metal Printing on Silk

Leaf and Metal Printing on Silk
July 11 - July 15 (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

Discover the amazing effect leaves can imprint on fabric! Using silk scarves learn what plants successfully print on fabric, then let your imagination go wild as you lay out a naturally inspired design on fabric. Leave how to set the image with heat on a wood cook stove, then unroll and unveil to see where your imagination led you. Make a second scarf so you can begin to fine tune the process, while adding the extra design element of rusty metal and copper pipes as they too imprint color and image onto a fabric.

Tuition: $150 ($10 discount if you sign up for multiple classes)
Materials Fee: $25


Beginning Felting: Wet & Dry Methods
July 18 - July 22 (9:00 AM-Noon)

Felting is the act of purposely shrinking wool. We felt with purpose to create items you intentionally want! Make a snake, a geode and a treasure bag using wet felt methods, then learn to embellish using felting needles. Once learned, felting is great fun for the whole family as you can become a master felter and teach everyone at home!

Tuition: $150 ($10 discount if you sign up for multiple classes)
Materials Fee: $30


Wet and Dry Felting
Tapestry Weaving for Beginners

Spin Yarn and Weave a Wall Hanging
July 18 - July 22 (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

Spin yarn from sheep's wool, then weave a spider web inspired wall hanging. This is a basic begin to spin and weave class. Using a drop spindle you'll learn why we pay attention to twist and draft while creating yarn, how to warp a circular loom, learn the basic principles of weaving with your handspun yarn to make a creative hanging which includes the frame. At the end of the week you'll have the option of warping a 2nd loom which can be taken home along with a spindle. You are encouraged to continue spinning and weaving and build your skills!

Tuition: $150 ($10 discount if you sign up for multiple classes)
Materials Fee: $20 or $45


Fantastical Creatures: Felting Beyond the Basics
July 25 - July 29 (9:00 AM-Noon)

Felting a doll is a creative process that can result in a self portrait or a whimsical, magical fantastical creature: one never knows until about half way through the creation! Learn to form the face, see how body parts are simply basic shapes, join all the parts together, then embellish to clothe and personalize. While the same methods are taught to all, no two creatures are ever the same as personal imagination is part of the fun!

Tuition: $150 ($10 discount if you sign up for multiple classes)
Materials Fee: $30


Felting Fantastical Creatures
Make a Wall Tapestry

Tapestry Weaving for Beginners
July 25 - July 29 (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

Weave a picture. Learn to take an image from nature and recreate it in a woven wall hanging. Warp your own loom, then use traditional weaving techniques such as fill-in, vertical joins, angled joins & color changes to weave angles and straight lines. Techniques are based on traditional Navajo methods, but have been used throughout the world for over 5,000 years. End the week with a warp removal celebration, finish the edges. You’ll have the option of taking home the empty loom so you can continue a career in fiber art!

Tuition: $150 ($10 discount if you sign up for multiple classes)
Materials Fee: $20


Hand Plane Woodworking Basics
July 6 - July 27 (M&W Evenings 5:30 - 7:30)

“Hand Plane Woodworking Basics” is a beginning class for those who wish to enter the wood working world. Class content will include understanding the characteristics of wood, selection of appropriate tools for each project, and care and maintenance of your tools. Each student will construct a simple “food box” over the course of the class using 17th century joinery.

Students should wear good fitting clothing and are encouraged to bring the following tools:

• Tape measure
• Smooth face hammer
• Sharp Chisel
• 2-3" C clamps
• Awl
• Small square (machinist square preferred)

Tuition: $320
Materials Fee: $48

Hand Plane Woodworking Classes

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