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Miscellaneous Molding (Moulding) Patterns
These are only samples. We can match any profile.

This section, though a catch-all, is probably the most interesting to the molderman, offering him the creative challenge of solving a variety of complex patterns and shapes.  This concept is summed up in this excerpt from the book Machine Molder Practice, published in the 1940's;  "The molder appeals to the artistic young man... because the work gives the opportunity to display his mechanical ability, and it possesses enough variety to make it both agreeable and intensely interesting."


Picture frame moulding and game board moulding
Square edge double flooring
Single piece sill moulding
Single piece mud sill
Bullnose with Cove and 3/4 round cap
3 inch tongue and groove
Ridge cap and brick moulding
Stair tread bull nose
Hot tub cover slats, square tongue and groove flooring
Rabbetted ceiling joists, raised panel, half round, and square with cove
Sill and door jamb
Window stile and rail, parting bead, window mullion,
commercial window mullion, hand rail, partition cap, batten
Wainscot, window casing, base board



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