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Custom windows by Blue Ox Millworks

Nothing Says Quality Like Blue Ox Custom Wood Windows.

Wooden windows, tastefully designed and placed throughout a home add warmth and character to any room.  Blue Ox Mill will see your project through from beginning to end, handcrafted one at a time...not stamped out of a mold.  We pride ourselves on our superior master craftsmanship.  We are able to match any pattern or can help you design custom window enclosures that would suit your needs.  Anything is possible, limited only by your imagination.  Whether it's renovation, restoration, or new construction, Blue Ox is your window to success.

Eric Talks About Windows

"Windows are the eyes of a house- this is an axiom known by builders for as long as we have had permanent dwellings. In fact the very name 'window' originates from the old Norse phrase, vindauga, or 'wind eye.'

Custom wood windows for an inn in Eureka and for the St. Innocent Russian East Orthodox Church in Unalaska, Alaska

Wood Windows (Continued)

"Due to their special place in home construction, Victorian designers embellished their windows with large doses of decorative trim. Moldings, gingerbread, and hand-carved elements all helped to express the personality of the home, and ultimately the craftsmen and carpenters who worked on the project.

"The Edwardian Age brought the clean, molding free lines of the Craftsman style. Even in this age, where styles dictated a more plain look, we see the builders put all their energy into windows with sashes that incorporate diamond, triangle, and even oval and round mullion designs. These were extremely hard to make and show the trained eye that the craftsman of this time still had the skills for fine woodworking.

(Above Left): Blue Ox has worked on almost every Victorian aspect of this historic inn in Eureka, including these beautiful windows. (Above Right): The St. Innocent Russian East Orthodox Church in Unalaska, Alaska with custom wood windows by Blue Ox Millworks.

(Far Left): Victorian double hung windows for a new home construction project in Ferndale, California. (Near Left): Custom arch-topped window for a home in Arcata, California.


Custom double hung windows and an arched top window

Parts of a Wood Window

"No matter whether the style is plain or extremely ornate, the anatomy of all wood windows can be broken into three parts."

1. Sash –the part of the window that holds the glass

2. Case or Frame –this holds the sashes

3. Casing –this is the trim around the windows, both inside and out

"These three elements have been arranged into a variety of window styles throughout the ages. Whether you are looking for something Victorian, Edwardian, or completely modern, most windows fall into seven categories."

(Right Top): Several windows for a construction project in San Francisco. The finished project also included several doors and even some windows built on a curve. (Right Bottom): Arched top windows for a home in Arcata, California.


Several windows in the Blue Ox fabrication shop.

7 Types of Wood windows

1. Fixed –these windows can have one or more sashes but they do not open. The sash is permanently fixed into the case

2. Double Hung –These have two sashes that both move. The top sash slides down and the bottom sash slides up to create openings.

3. Single Hung –These windows look the same as double hung but the top sash is fixed, only the bottom sash opens.

(Far Left): An excellent example of custom wood double hung windows, built by Blue Ox Millworks. (Near Left): A cupola window in the Blue Ox fabrication room awaits transportation to the Saint Innocent Russian East Orthodox Church in Unalaska, Alaska.


Custom wood double hung windows and an old photo of windows on their way to Unalaska

7 Types of Windows (Continued)

4. Casement –These windows have the sashes hinged on one side and open by swinging out or in on these hinges.

5. Awning –These are casement windows that are hinged at the top and swing out or in.

6. Transom –These windows are traditionally over a door and are hinged at the bottom and open from the top.

7. Sliders –although rarely used in a house, wood sliders have two sashes: one is fixed and the other slides in the case to open.

(At Right): One of 85 custom wood windows for a home in Greenwich Connecticut. 75% were true double-hung weight and pulley. This particular window is a fixed true divided light arched window complete with custom casing. All the windows were done in Alaskan yellow cedar.


Fixed true divided light arched window

At Blue Ox Mill we aim to please. Whether you need a casement for one window or complete window set-ups for a home restoration project, we can easily assist you with recommendations, price quotes and design alternatives. You are limited only by your imagination.

Our custom craftsmen have over thirty years of experience with window jobs of almost all sizes, from governors' mansions to residential projects. Call or email Eric Hollenbeck with any questions that you may have.

(Far Left): Another classic double hung window built in the Blue Ox fabrications shop. (Near Left): Eric Hollenbeck, Blue Ox founder and master craftsman, enjoys a brief rest in the molder shop.


Classic Double Hung Window (Left) Eric Hollenbeck, Master Craftsman (Right)

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