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Photo: The Carter Hotel - Eureka, CA
Blue Ox Provided: Moldings, Door & Window Casing, Interior Details

The Carter Hotel, Eureka, CA

Custom Victorian Pattern Books

Over the course of three decades of making custom Victorian interior and exterior details, we at Blue Ox have run thousands of patterns. Most of these end up buried in our file cabinets once the job has been finished and never see the light of day again unless a similar challenge arises on a new project.

Occasionally though, a particular pattern catches our eye as being very functional or practical, something that may be of interest to other clients. These few lucky patterns make our way into our online pattern book.

The patterns here represent less than 5 percent of the patterns that we have run over the years. These are only suggestions intended to spark your imagination and encourage discussion.

Molding Pattern Book

Molding Patterns

Whether you are looking for baseboard, door and window casings, crown molding, redwood gutters, or just miscellaneous molding tasks, this is the category for you.

Victorian Gingerbread Patterns

Gingerbread Patterns

Whether the work is interior or exterior, if you need decorative scrollwork, turnings, columns, rosettes, or balusters, this is the category for you.

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