Blue Ox Millworks, Historic Park, and School of Traditional Arts

Photo: Portero Hill Home - San Francisco, CA
Blue Ox Provided: Balustrades, Moldings, Doors, Gingerbread

Victorian new construction for a home on Portero Hill in San Francisco

Tales from the Blue Ox
by: Dan Brett

A Hands-On Manual of Traditional Skills
From the Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park

The modern world is full of dizzying technological advances and scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately, it is also a place of unparalleled waste and quick fixes in which increased specialization takes us further and further from the very skills that got us where we are.

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Tales from the Blue Ox
ISBN 1-931626-16-2
232 pages

Tales From the Blue Ox by Dan Brett

Tales from the Blue Ox is a collection of the best tools, techniques, recipes and general common sense gleaned from the history of Victorian-era ingenuity. Interspersed with these gems of nearly forgotten wisdom is the story of one of Northern California’s least-known treasures, the Blue Ox Millworks Historic Park. The Blue Ox is a combination living-history museum, sawmill, and custom woodworking shop, specializing in the distinctive gingerbread decoration of Victorian-era homes. It is also a workplace for area artisans and craftspeople whose work ranges from blacksmithing and metal casting to boat building, pottery and vintage printing.

This detailed illustration by Dan Brett shows where the various interior and exterior moldings can be found in a Victorian Home. Click here to see a larger version.


Types of moulding: Crown, Corner Guard, Chair Rail, Casing, Bollection, base cap, base board, base shoe, bead, cap, panel mold, cove, water table, brick mold, half round, bed mold, drip cap, band, rake

Uncle Sam's Tour Guide to Southeast Asia
by: Eric Hollenbeck

Well I’d like to tell you boys a tale
‘Bout a logger gone to war
An 18-year-old country kid
As green as the forest floor

Eric Hollenbeck’s ballad style poems offer personal and sometimes humorous stories of his time as a soldier in the jungles of Viet Nam in 1968. Born and raised in Eureka California, Eric worked in the redwood forests near him and in 1968, at 18 years of age, he was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam. He was honorably discharged and went back to work in the redwoods upon returning home. The book is the foundation of Radioman, a play by James McManus, written in 2018, and performed for two successful runs in 2019.

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Uncle Sam poetry book

Uncle Sam's Tour Guide book

Blue Ox Millworks Hat

In true Craftsman’s style this cap will make you look very cool! Solidly made, it can be a key part of your statement on life for a long, long time! Flex Fit - Twill Cap in small/medium and large/extra large.


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Blue Ox Millworks Hat

Blue Ox Millworks hat

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